Monica Barcelona: Bitch, I’ll Cut You

17 Jun

Monica Barcelona: Bitch, I’ll Cut You –
Makes it’s debut at the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival

SHOW DATE: 6.10.12
Stage 773
1225 West Belmont Ave.


Comedian and licensed cosmetologist, Monique Madrid (AKA Monica Barcelona) debuted her new show “Monica Barcelona: Bitch, I’ll Cut You” for the first annual Chicago Womens Funny Festival. Monica Barcelona, along with her styling assistant (played by Erica Elam) play over the top characters that combine improv and audience make overs in a truly unique show.

The stage is set with a table full of beauty products and a high backed chair and enters the assistant. She explains to the audience how the amazing Monica Barcelona is like “holy shit” and that because of the recent Groupon, she might not be able to make it through all of the appointments today. She also explains that Monica is also like a therapist to her because of her (motions to the audience for a suggestion) “alcohol” problem.

Without giving away the rest of the show too much, a couple of audience members are invited onto the stage to get both make-overs and an actual haircut. I really felt like I was watching a reality talk show. The sassy Monica Barcelona is both inspirationally entertaining and refreshing in her comedic timing as well as the captivating concept of this show.

KRISTI’S WISH LIST: (here’s where I tell the team what I’d love to see them try. Hey team, it’s just a suggestion, feel free to ignore)  It was fun to Erica Elam play multiple characters during the show and I’m wondering if there’s a way for Monique to incorporate another character or two of her own. She obviously can hold her own with Monica, but what else can she do?

• Monique Madrid
• Erica Elam


TWITTER: moniquemadrid

CONTACT (not spam): if anyone is interested in hiring her for Monica Barcelona character for parties etc, or for a styling service outside of the show.

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